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wow i need to update this thing...

ahhhhhh everything keeps getting better.
Finals are over. And last night was so awesome. Hanging out with megan, jeff, and kyle. I love those kids so much. Going to sleeeper...thats a silly place. Then the stars at tipco. ah. It just doesnt get much better than that. Really.
Then this afternoon...was in the car after we dropped megan off...heard SAVE TONIGHT...and i was like thats it...i gotta get into pio. So i came home, made some soup and realized wow...the mail here sucks because i need my letter RIGHT NOW. So i waited, looked out the window...and MAIL IS HERE. i grabbed my shoes. Ran outside...and there it was THE LETTER. so i threw the other mail down on my porch and right then i read the letter. They accepted me in to PIOOOO...then i screamed and ran into the house, and spazzed out, then i called julia, then i told everyone. and now im sleepy because that toook lots outta me!
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