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9/24/04 06:23 pm

A nap is being debated at the moment. Today was interesting. It just
seemed to go by so fast, and i just sat back and watched it. And
another thing that i found silly today, was when i came home, sat down
and watched some quality tv..OPRAH...yes..and these wives were
switching places, i dont know, it was crazy, thats all i have to say.
I have just had one of those days, where i feel unbelievably sick, yet,
i am happy. By the way. i have a headache.
Oh yeah, and you know when you all of a sudden realize something, that
was today, makes me feel smart

And it feels so good to be free.
Knowing that you can't ever complete me.
Took so long to realize that some day.
Yeah, that someday I would be okay.

9/22/04 09:53 pm - Finally

So i sit here, realizing that i havent said anything in a long time, due to my laziness, and bad moods. I guess ive just kinda been out of it due to many reasons (no sillies, not girl reasons, that is not the cause of my distress). My weekends have not been the best, too busy to do something. Dance started, which i havent decided if it is a good or bad thing, at the moment i have been too tired to enjoy it. I have yet to call someone for guitar lessons, which i feel bad for my guitar, it just sits there, except for the only 30 minutes i play it a day, crappy songs, horrible songs. Then, this whole scott thing has just put me down, and even though it was somewhat resolved i still feel as if it isnt, and it bugs me. It upsets me that im mean to him, and now have nothging to say to him. I-step testing sucks, but it is better than going to class. I would like to say that at the moment i hate americanlit. Im so behind in that class, and i have so much due friday, i also have a french to take in the morning. I sence failure. I also have to go to bed soon. Something else that really gets to me. And it wasnt bugging me over the weekend, as a matter of fact it wasnt even bugging me this morning. But it was brought to my attention by a friend yet again the wholejeffsituation, which i would like to say there is no situation, however megan...you are convinced there is something more, and as nice as that would be, i just cant say that i see what on earth you are talking about. hahah "I turned on opera, and he said, HES JUST NOT INTERESTED IN YOU!" yes megan, thats a sign, and im taking it, inless something changes by the end of... haha hey who knows. hey and jon, hes cool, let me tell you, but for some reason we tend to not hangout, whys that--weezer, he got me hooked, im gonna get arrested for downloading their muuuuusic! Kentucky. IN. 23. DAYS!!! i cant wait. its going to be awEsome to take a break and see some camp friends! (by the way, AWSOME, is spelled with two e's...awEsome--thanks to kiel) But that night i have an orchestra concert, and yes i will be able to make it. uhg. haha. if i didnt my teacher would kill me. No clue whats going on this weekend, but hopefully its going to be fun? yeaaah, alright bedtime, maybe i will have better stories for tomorrow. For now, its just that i will be yelling random things during istpes. yeaaaaaaah

9/21/04 10:16 pm

uhg dont ask...not been doing so good

9/9/04 09:04 pm

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! I get to go to indy to hangout with a bunch of kids that i dont know. It better be fun. I wont be back until sunday, so that kinda sucks because i havent been able to really hangout with anyone, considering last weekend i went to chicago *which i have to say was awsome, and i love you guys...ill be coming back there soon!*

BY THE WAY go here ---> http://www.picturetrail.com/asilvian
It is some pictures from camp, and i gotta put more from home, because they are all pictures that emily took from over the summer, and in the winter when we want bowling with kristi?

aw i have news :)

ps. my sister is convinced i stole her pants...in my defense, the only gap pants i have worn are...megans..hah. yeah! i love how everyone has everyone elses jeans...but i DO NOT have my sisters :-)

9/7/04 10:31 pm

Tomorrow is humpday! woohoo. Wow this friday i leave for the weekend again, i think i better start staying home....nahhh
something is wrong with the computer

anthony wanted me to tell everyone that i think he is so sexy...and something about his member? psh who knows. hah your silly anthony! clouds on my walls? WHAT?!

by the way--ashley, jeff thought the message you left was really funny. haha thanks for that

can we say awkward and this sucks?!

--The suckers lose themselves in the games
they learn to play
children love to sing but then their voices slowly fade away
people always take a step away
from what is true
thats why i like you around
i want you
yeah i do
you make me want you
an open invitation to the dance
happenstance set the vibe that we are in
no apology because my urge is genuine--
Third Eye blind

9/6/04 11:00 pm

i did nothing all day today. and there is school tomorrow. i wonder if we had homework. im tired. goodnight

9/6/04 01:09 pm

wow...i just forgot that on saturday, lexi, lauren and ashley called a ton of guys that were in my phonebook.
They called JEFF L! hahahahhaha oh man this is going to be interesting, wonder what he has to say...
hes a cool kid though

9/6/04 10:55 am

This weekend was great! Went to chicago, did some shopping, went to a museum, and then the blue man group show. The blue man group was awsome, im so glad i went to that. I didnt think i would be doing much after the show however, because i thought no one from camp would be able to see me. It turns out that i did get to see them. Ashley, Lexi, Lauren, and Jeff! (jeff is such a pimp, i love all of them!) "lets just get on the train, go to chicago, step off, get back on the train and come back!" THAT WAS FUN!
I get to see julia,maina,elli at orli's bat mitzvah soon! Eeeee i cant wait!
MARCIA...when do i get to see MARCIA! you bia!

Last night i watched sleepy hollow with a bunch of friends. Personally i find it a funny movie, especially the second time you see it. Meh, tomorrow is school, i have tons of homework that i refuse to do, because next weekend i go to leaderships, and wont be here. So i need something fun to do today...*thinks* eh nope cant think of anything. hah

9/4/04 12:29 am

I would like to DEDICATE this to JON. happy?

Tonight was just a good 'ole time! We ran around doing nothing, and yelling silly things. Then went cosmic bowling. Hahah let me tell you, that is some fun stuff right there.
"My name can be...Amanda Kendel Rotchel Silvian....for short, you can call me K.ROTCH!"

Im really silly right now, and im thinking about getting another vanilla coke, as well as making a nice big meal for myself. Chicagos tomorrow. woohoo. no one will understand this entry.

Jon, are you invading my privacy? Is this better. Do you know what mood im in now? You better stop with all those oh faces. They are beginning to frighten me.

9/3/04 06:27 pm

scotty. if you were here. i would kick your bum. WE DO HAVE BARNEY IN INDIANA. (not that i would know since i never watch barney) even though it is somewhat hickish here. hah. still that was mean. you better watch out.

Im getting ready to hang around and do some quality bowling. thats the way to do it. yeaaaaah man.
ahhh im hyper :-)
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