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french tutor today, heyyy maybe i actually dooo know whats going on. haha. Tomorrow is friday, great! and im gonna make it work.
So i guess nothing goes as planned, and im not exactly sure what to what do i do? haha blahblha i have to go. ill have to talk about this later....but yeah i miss him.
and even though things dont go as planned, you can make it work out...right? ahh this bites hahaha

I knew how it felt to be
Another one in need
of someone to show the way
until you saw a part of me
that nobody else could see
and my life hasnt been the same
you make me feel lucky as i can be
you make me feel lucky as i can be
Before i couldnt get a break
never had a chance to make
the impressions i want to
but now it falls right into place
when i get to see your face
then theres nothing that i can do
you make me feel lucky as i can be
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